5 Top Tips for Mama Self-Care

5 Top Tips for Mama Self-Care

So I’m no expert but I am a mama of 2, with a baby that now feels that sleep is overrated and a 5 year old that I’m currently having to home school for what feels like the umpteenth time (his bubble was shut down twice in December) and he can’t bare to be without me every second of the day, so it’s hard to find some ‘me time’ but here are the Top 5 things I’m trying to do: 

  1. Take a Bath – tonight I’d had enough (not of the kids but the current situation we find ourselves in), so as soon as the baby was down, I ran myself a hot bubble bath, poured myself a cup of green tea, nabbed myself some leftover Christmas chocolate, lit a candle and enjoyed a long soak in the tub. So simple but it instantly relaxes your muscles, calms your mind and you begin to feel somewhat normal again. 
  1. Put on your favourite TV programme – this may go against every expert out there watching the TV so close to bedtime but when you’ve had a day of watching kids TV shows, home school, cooking, cleaning, hearing your name being called for the 3,457,296 time, breastfeeding, changing nappies…the list goes on…all you want and need is something easy watching, or switch off telly as I like to call it. My favourite shows at the moment for this are;
    • Bridgerton on Netflix (a MUST if you haven’t seen it!)
    • The Home Edit on Netflix
    • Dream House Makeover on Netflix
    • Greys Anatomy on Amazon Prime (an oldie but a goodie - I also rewatched The OC recently, also great switch off telly)
    • Down to Earth with Zac Efron on Netflix
  1. Exercise – last lockdown I was pregnant, very swollen and in a lot of pain so couldn’t do much exercise, but this lockdown for my mind and sanity, I have been trying to follow the 'Couch to 5K' app to get out for a run 3 times a week and the Joe Wicks workouts on You Tube. I find the days I exercise, my mind is much clearer and my mood is much better which benefits everyone, not just me.
  1. Write a list – the days I write a list of what I need to do that day, I feel much better as I tick off things that needed to be done. Even if it just lists the obvious, it’s amazing how much it can clear your head a little. Some days mine is simply – Home School, Put the wash on, Bleach toilet etc. but it’s amazing how much it lifts my mood at the end of the day when I look at a list with all the tasks ticked off, even if it was only 3 to begin with!
  1. Turn off the news – delete the apps and turn off the news. I cannot stress this enough. Right now, there aren’t many positives you’ll get from hearing or reading about the daily death tolls or confirmed Covid-19 cases. It will only add to your anxieties, so best not to know about it. You control what your mind sees or hears and takes in, so let in only be positive things, it really is that simple. Instead, read a book, have an early night, listen to the Headspace app and take 15 minutes to meditate.

Be kind to yourself, this is a time like no other and we are doing the best we can in a bad situation. 

Love always x

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