Spotlight // DESIGN LETTERS® at Mama + Max

Spotlight // DESIGN LETTERS® at Mama + Max

When you think of monochrome nursery styling, you think of Design Letters and their iconic series of alphabet plates, bowls, cutlery, cups and wooden blocks.

About the brand
Design Letters is a Danish design company, founded in 2009, by former journalist Mette Thomsen. After a career in advertising and journalism, Mette decided to unite her passion for words with her passion for design and established Design Letters.

“In 2009 there were absolutely no fashionable letters in the interiors’ world. Only noisy, childish letters for wall decoration. Not something I would have in my home,” says Mette.

So Mette founded Design Letters by launching a drastically different series of one colour letters, later expanding to include Arne Jacobsen’s hand-drawn typography from 1937, different to everything available on the market at the time. It was this that made Design Letters the very first design-house to combine letters with interior design in a stylish Scandinavian way.

“I simply love letters and the personal and stylish set up you can create with them. Design Letters’ mission is to invite people to play with letters and personalise their home and their look in a way never seen before”.

Design Letters’ world of letters is based on original design products designed in Copenhagen and featuring a typography hand-drawn in 1937 by the iconic Danish architect Arne Jacobsen (1901-1972).
Design Letters Personalised Cup (£8.95)

We love the personalised cups as they make the perfect gift whether bought separately using just the first initial or bought as a full name to display in the nursery or playroom.
Design Letters Melamine Plate (£8.95)

Design Letters Melamine Plate

Design Letters Numbers Gift Set (£33.95) – available in Green + Pink

Design Letters Number Gift Set
Design Letters Wooden Blocks (£59.95)

Design Letters Wooden Blocks
Design Letters Kitchen Play Gift Box (£22.45)

Design Letters Kitchen Playset
This super cool five piece set is the perfect treat for any budding young chef.
Design Letters Cutlery (£22.95)

Design Letters Kids Cutlery
Design Letters Snack Box (£7.45)

Design Letters Snack Box
Look stylish on the go, perfect for both adults and babies alike.
We were instantly captivated by the simplicity of the Design Letters collection and are so excited to welcome Design Letters to Mama + Max, we hope you love the collection as much as we do and enjoy using it with your tiny humans.

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