Hello from Mama + Max

Hello from Mama + Max

Wow, where have the last four years gone?!

I can remember the day clearly when I saw the pregnancy test flash the words 'pregnant' on it's little digital display. I had known even before I had taken the test, I couldn't explain it but I felt different and my boobs felt like I'd been in a ring with Mike Tyson, so it was on a Thursday evening in July when we were sat watching telly that I snuck off to our little bathroom in our one-bed basement flat in London and peed on a stick, only to see the words I'd hoped for flash on the screen.

I immediately came out the bathroom to show my fiancé, now husband, the magical white stick and as I walked in to the living room with a look of pure shock on my face, his first thought was that I had flushed my recently acquired new engagement ring down the toilet! A late night trip to Sainsbury's in Angel and three pregnancy tests later, my husband was finally convinced that it wasn't all a hoax and we could get excited about the news. We were having a baby! 

Fast forward four years, a LOT of sleepless nights, one wedding and a new house and we now have a cheeky little monster munch who keeps us on our toes and laughing everyday of our lives.  We can't imagine life without him or our lives before him, how did I ever have so much time to sleep and do nothing?!

It was Max that inspired this website, not only for selfish reasons of wanting to spend more time with him and be there for him when he starts the next adventures in his life but the idea came from a love of simple, beautiful, modern nursery and home décor, clothing and baby essentials that have excited me and inspired me since the day he was born and my late night (feeding) shopping addictions started.

Welcome to Mama + Max!

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