MAMA SERIES // Anneli Bush

MAMA SERIES // Anneli Bush

For our third ever MAMA SERIES, we are so excited to introduce to you the absolutely gorgeous, fashion and lifestyle blogger, Anneli Bush who is mama to her ever so handsome one-year-old, Rio Ezra Bush.

Anneli founded her blog,, in 2012 as a creative outlet from her regular day-to-day to document her latest buys. Six years on, Anneli is now a full-time blogger and has evolved her website into a lifestyle platform to share all her personal style edits, outfits, home renovations, interior tips and tricks, healthy recipes, latest beauty buys, recent travel adventures and now her journey into motherhood.

We spent the day with Anneli and Rio at their home to talk all things Christmas Shopping, Motherhood and Style. 


Mama + Max Mama Series with Anneli Bush and Rio Ezra Bush playing with Kid's Concept Race Track

Hi Anneli, thank you so much for chatting with us just before Christmas, are you excited about this Christmas now Rio is one and a little more aware of what is going on?

My pleasure, thank you for having us! We are so excited about this Christmas, as although Rio is still only little, I expect he will love unwrapping the presents and playing in the snow (we’re off to France and Norway for 3 weeks combined). I’m also taking him to a few different Christmas lights shows, which I’m sure he’ll love too! Generally, him being more aware this year, will no doubt make this Christmas very special for us. 

Mama + Max Mama Series with Anneli Bush and Rio Ezra Bush playing with Kid's Concept Race Track at Christmas

We can’t believe Rio has been in your lives for over a year now, how was the first year of motherhood, what have been your highs and lows?

I can’t believe it either, it’s honestly just flown by! There’s no denying it, parenting is a total rollercoaster journey. Some days are amazing, and others are just so hard. Overall though, the good moments totally outweigh the bad, and for me, seeing him smile, cuddle, kiss and laugh is just everything. The highs have been seeing him develop, as well as really recognising and appreciating us. The lows have been his sleep regressions! The first year has been the best, and toughest of my life, and I wouldn’t change anything. 

As a fashion blogger, how did you find dressing for your pregnancy?

I didn’t really ‘pop’ properly before 4/5 months, so I hid it quite well in the beginning (we announced it quite late too). I never thought I would buy a lot of maternity clothes, but I actually found some decent pieces on ASOS, Topshop and NEXT (especially the jeans), which I would style up with nice shoes and accessories. As I was mainly pregnant during the warmer months, there was a lot of loose dresses and sandals, which was ideal, as I then just sized up in regular styles. Overall, I loved being pregnant and kept my overall style pretty simple and relaxed. 

Mama + Max Mama Series with Anneli Bush and Rio Ezra Bush playing with Kid's Concept Race Track

Would you also say your style is any different since having Rio and becoming a mum?

No, not hugely, other than that I opt for a bit more comfort, and when I’m with him all day, I’m often just in my Lululemon leggings and Nike trainers. I was never one for wearing heels that often anyways, and now it’s nearly never. Overall, I’m a bit more low-key and relaxed, and the best bit, I’m more comfortable and confident in what suits my body shape! 

Mama + Max Mama Series with Anneli Bush and Rio Ezra Bush playing with Kid's Concept Race Track

You started your blog, six years ago, how has it evolved over the last year?

It’s evolved hugely since becoming pregnant and since having Rio, that’s for sure! While I was pregnant I shared my pregnancy journey with my Baby Diaries series, and then since having Rio I’ve been doing my monthly Mummy Diaries series. So a lot more motherhood content, which (fortunately) seems to very popular with my readers! I’m still featuring fashion, beauty and interior, but with a good mix of motherhood too. 

Mama + Max MAMA SERIES with Anneli Bush and Rio, eating with Design Letters

What’s your typical daily routine with Rio?

It changes every day really! I started with a routine from he was 7 weeks old, which worked really well for us, and just gave me more structure and knowledge into what I was doing everyday! An example day would start with morning milk and cuddles in bed, breakfast and morning nap. Mid morning snack and a little walk. Playtime at home followed by lunch, and a bit more playtime. Lunch time nap. Afternoon snack and a play date/afternoon class. Dinner, winding down upstairs in his nursery, bath, milk and bed. 

Mama + Max MAMA SERIES with Anneli Bush and Rio eating with Design Letters Numbers Gift Set

What’s the funniest thing you’ve Googled in the middle of the night, since becoming a mum?

The colour (and meaning behind) his dirty nappies! Especially in the beginning, when we had no idea what was normal... Both my husband and I spent a lot of time analysing and googling this! 

Mama + Max Mama Series with Anneli Bush and Rio Ezra Bush cuddling

What does being a mum mean to you?

A nurturer, role model, best friend and guardian for life. 

Mama + Max Mama Series with Anneli Bush and Rio Ezra Bush on motherhood

Since becoming a mum, what 5 things can’t you live without?

I’ve actually just compiled my Top Buys 0-6 months, with all my must-haves, but if I have to narrow it down to 5 items from the beginning until now - it would be

1. A Sleeping Pod

2. An Electric Breast Pump - I used the Medela Swing Breast Pump

3. Nappy bag - I have the Jem + Bea Lola Tote Changing Bag and the camo printed weekend bag by Tiba & Marl

4. Sleeping bags - the best sleeping bags are Baby MORI

5. A white sound machine - I’ve had Ewan The Dream Sheep since before Rio was born

Mama + Max Mama Series with Anneli Bush

Is there anything else you want to tell any new mums reading this? Anything that could’ve helped you or prepared you for motherhood? 

Your patience will be tested every day, but you will grow as a person from this. There will be a lot of frustrated tears, but happy ones too! 

If there is something I wish I was better prepared for, it was breastfeeding, and how hard it can be! Although I managed to exclusively breastfeed for well over a year in the end, it was so hard to persevere, with Rio being tongue tied (twice) and I had a double round of mastitis the first few weeks of his life (which for me, was just as painful as childbirth!). The easiest option would have been to quit, but I was fortunate finding a really good Lactation consultant to support me (combined with being incredibly determined to breastfeed), but gosh was it hard! Although I attended a great NCT class before having Rio, in hindsight I wish there would have been more information around breastfeeding.  

Mama + Max Mama Series with Anneli Bush prepping snack with Done by Deer snack pots

You can follow Anneli Bush on Instagram at @annelibush and on her blog All images courtesy of Cj Hadlow for Mama + Max.

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