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This is Mothership's Gemma Breger and Samantha Silver with Ace and Alfie

We are thrilled to welcome, the fabulous and very stylish duo, This is Mothership to this month's MAMA SERIES.

If you haven't already checked out this incredible website for modern mamas, This is Mothership is an award-winning fashion & beauty destination for busy mums who are looking for great advice and tips from two industry experts, Gemma Breger and Samantha Silver. With four children between them, we are so excited that they are joining us this month to tell us how they both found going from one child to two and how they tackle falling into the trap of the 'mum' uniform.

We travelled to see Sam, Gemma, and their two gorgeous babies Alfie and Ace, to talk about their life as mums.

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This is Mothership Alfie and Ace playing with the Design Letters Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Hey Gem + Sam! Welcome to our second MAMA SERIES, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. Could you tell us a little bit about yourselves, who is Gemma Breger and Samantha Silver and how did you become This is Mothership?

Gemma: I am a fashion and celebrity stylist, and Sam is an award winning beauty director. We met on Instagram when our older kids were around 6 months old and we were both frustrated that there was nothing out there for mums who still wanted to keep their cool. For mums who were still into fashion and beauty and who wanted to look and feel their best, on minimal time. 

Has your style changed since becoming mums?

Sam: We have less time now, so we often find ourselves falling into the rut of a 'uniform'. Doing things to break out of this such as our 'No Jeans Challenge' for the whole of summer was a great way to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

This is Mothership, Samantha Silver, plays with Alfie and the Design Letters Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Has motherhood been everything you expected it to be?

G: Until you become a mother, it's very hard to know what it'll be like. For this reason it's everything and nothing like what we imagined. Better. And harder.

This is Mothership's Gemma Breger cuddling Ace playing with Design Letters Wooden Alphabet Blocks

How did you find your pregnancies with your second child compared to your first?

G: The main difference is that there's no time for yourself. You barely have time to register that you're pregnant until the bump starts to get in the way. Sam sailed through but I was struck down with awful morning sickness and SPD so that was really hard.

This is Mothership, Gemma Breger, cuddles Ace whilst chewing Oli & Carol teething toy, Kendall the Kale

What has the jump from one child to two children been like?

S: They say that two is like a zoo and it's so true. But it's so much fun and we can't remember time with just one. The first few months are really hard logistically, we were completely unprepared for that especially bath and bed, but it gets easier and seeing them all interact is just so amazing.

What advice would you give to mothers who are about to have another child?

S: It gets easier. Be kind to yourself.

This is Mothership Alfie plays with Design Letters Wooden Alphabet Blocks

How did you manage the arrival of the new babies with your older children?

G: Both Leo and Belle were at a good age, they were both in beds and potty trained which made it feel less like we had two babies. They were also able to communicate, understand and help out which was good for them. They love to feel like their baby brothers need their help. 

This is Mothership - Alfie playing inside the Olli Ella White Dipped Belly Basket and Design Letters personalised alphabet cups

What are your typical daily routines with two children and has it changed since you’ve had a second child?

S: The older ones are at nursery three days a week so the mornings are a rush to get everyone fed and dressed before we drop them off around 8am. Then its time to focus on the babies, take them to a class or soft play. We are much stricter with our time and like to have them down for a nap after lunchtime at home these days as its the only time we have to get on with life admin. Afternoons are quite short as we pick the older kids up at 4.30pm and then we have playtime with them all at home which is so lovely.

This is Mothership's, Gemma Breger and Ace with the Oli & Carol teething toy, Kendall the Kale

What have you found the easiest stage with your children?

G: Belle and Leo are so easy. They are 3 and a half and its such a lovely age. They are like our little best friends and we love chatting to them and hanging out.

What have you found the hardest stage?

G: The newborn stage for sure.

This is Mothership's Samantha Silver and Alfie play with the Design Letters personalised cup and Oli & Carol teething toy, next to the Olli Ella Belly Basket

What does being a mum mean to you?

S: Everything. We didn't understand just what it was all about before them. 

Since becoming mums what are the top 5 things you can’t live without?

  1. BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector

  2. Clarins Double Serum

  3. Dry Shampoo

  4. Sunglasses

  5. A coat with pockets

This is Mothership's Gemma Breger and Ace play with the Wee Gallery Stroller cards whilst sitting in the highchair with Design Letters personalised cup

Is there anything else you want to tell any new mums reading this? Anything that could’ve helped you or prepared you for motherhood?

S: Calm is a superpower. Take a step back, take a deep breathe and don't freak out, there is a solution to every problem.

You can follow This is Mothership on Instagram at @thisismothership. All images courtesy of Cj Hadlow for Mama + Max.

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