Hooded Baby Bath Towel
Hooded Baby Bath Towel Hooded Baby Bath Towel Hooded Baby Bath Towel Hooded Baby Bath Towel Hooded Baby Bath Towel Hooded Baby Bath Towel

Hooded Baby Bath Towel

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To create the perfect bedtime routine and get ready for sleep, giving your little one a calming bath can really help. MORI have thoughtfully designed the MORI Hooded Baby and Toddler Towels with this in mind, so you know that a good night’s rest is just around the corner.

After bathing, babies quickly lose heat from their heads and that’s why a hooded bath towel is the safest way to get them dry and warm. MORI have crafted their baby towels from 100% pure micro-cotton as it regulates temperature, absorbs 250x more moisture and dries in less than half the time as regular cotton. Sustainably made with your little one’s health in mind, the baby hooded towel is ultra-soft and safe to protect sensitive skin. With generous sizing, you can use the baby towel from as young as newborn right up until 9 months, and then you can move up a size into our toddler towel. Available in two different colour options; grey and blush. Creating a bedtime routine for your little one has never been this easy.

Product Description

Size: 75 x 75 cm. Material: Made from 100% pure micro-cotton. Care: Machine wash at 30°C to keep softness, Tumble dry or line dry naturally for best results.

About The Brand

MORI believe that every moment is worth embracing; from the sleep deprived times to the snuggles fuelled by laughter, each moment is a magical milestone important to your growing family.  That's why MORI create products that help welcome a baby into the world, with a gentle touch from sustainable materials.  They use the softest and highest-quality products, crafted carefully from sustainable sources to ensure that their manufacturing methods are environmentally conscious, and that only natural materials touch your baby's delicate skin.