Alphabet Wooden Cubes A to Z
Alphabet Wooden Cubes A to Z Alphabet Wooden Cubes A to Z Alphabet Wooden Cubes A to Z

Alphabet Wooden Cubes A to Z

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Wooden toys are timeless and this beautiful set from Design Letters is no different.  These stylish monochrome wooden cubes for children enable them to develop their gross motor skills as each set includes 26 easy-to-grab blocks decorated with the English alphabet. They are easy for the child to hold on to and are ideal for teaching your child the alphabet and even make great name displays for any babies nursery.

The Design Letters Wooden Cubes A to Z set is a perfect gift; for babies to play with, for toddlers to begin recognising letters and for children to practice spelling. The cubes are high quality and serve as decoration in the kids’ room when they are not in use. One set contains a complete alphabet from A to Z.

Product Description

Dimensions: 4 x 4 cm. Material: painted wood, CE certified. Colour: White with black font. Care: Wipe Clean. 

About The Brand

DESIGN LETTERS®’ world of letters is based on original design products designed in Copenhagen and featuring a typography hand-drawn in 1937 by the iconic Danish architect Arne Jacobsen (1901-1972).